Väestöliitto, The Family Federation of Finland works in the fields of social affairs and health. Väestöliitto was founded in 1941 and is composed of 34 member organizations. Väestöliitto has 65 employees. The Chair is Ms Maria Kaisa Aula, and the Managing Director is Ms Eija Koivuranta.

Väestöliitto produces and disseminates information about families, young people, immigrants and the size and structure of the population. The Federation also acts as an advocate in improving families’ life circumstances. A healthy, safe and balanced life begins in the home, which is why the Federation especially focuses on the family and on what is required for it to function.

Väestöliitto promotes sexual health and sexual health education among young people as well  promotes the sexual health of the adult population. The Federation is also an active promoter of a multicultural and tolerant Finland. Väestöliitto carries out multicultural family work and participates in development cooperation work in the population and sexual and reproductive health and rights field.

Väestöliitto has an active role in influencing social policy. It wants to promote social policy and family-friendly attitudes that improve the living conditions of families with children.  Väestöliitto’s aim is to increase support for family formation, parenthood and the permanence of couple relationships. The Federation strives to impact these issues by providing direct services to families and their members and by proposing initiatives and carrying out research.

The Federation’s research focus is on the family, the population and sexology. Väestöliitto publishes human relationship and sex education material. It develops new models for action for promoting the well-being of couple relationships.

The Federation owns companies that produce infertility treatment, childcare and home help, counselling and therapy for individuals and couples, publications, and professional training.

The Family Federation’s fertility clinics form the largest infertility research and treatment organization in Finland. Clinics apply international research and treatment methods that comply with the latest assisted reproductive technology standards. Clinics have 70 employees.