The Rinnekoti Foundation’s Rehabilitation Home for Children, the Genetics Services Unit, and the Family Federation of Finland’s Medical Genetics Department merged on 1.1.2013, culminating with the creation of the Norio Centre. The Norio Centre is hosted by the Rinnekoti Foundation and  located in Pitäjänmaki, at Kornetintie 8. 

The Norio Centre received its name from Professor Reijo Norio, who has worked both at the Rinnekoti Foundation and The Family Federation of Finland, where he established Finland’s first clinical genetics unit.  Reijo Norio’s name, therefore, is especially suited to this newly founded centre.

The goal of the merger is to create an expert centre of European standards, which provides services required by diseases, disabilities and syndromes which are rare, often hereditary and which may cause developmental disability.

The newly founded centre offers the same expertise as before.The Norio Centre’s services consist of genetic counseling and outpatient and support services. At the Norio Centre there is a rare diseases helpline which is accessible by telephone, email or online form. There is also a medical genetics library which is open to all.

The centre will also be associated with rare diseases research, and provides health and social care professionals’ training and consultation. Norio Centre compiles also data from Finland for the Orphanet web portal for rare diseases and orphan drugs.   

Our new contact information:

Norio Centre

Telephone int.: +358 09 8551130

Katariina Pankka, Secretary

Fax int.: +358 9 645018

Street address: Kornetintie 8, 00380 Helsinki, Finland