Photo Velipekka Rahkola

In 1995 on Väestöliitto’s initiative the Finnish Parliamentary All-Party Group on Sexual Rights and Development was founded within the Finnish Parliament by MPs representing different political parties. The aim of the Group is to promote the implementation of the Programme of Action of the UN Conference on Population and Development (Cairo 1994) in Finnish development cooperation.

The Group diseminates information, takes part in development policy discussion, takes stand on issues in Parliament concerning global sexual health and rights, gender equality and population policy issues. The group has about 20 MPs from different political parties as members and it is open to all MPs. Väestöliitto acts as the Group’s secretary and advisor.

The Group arranges annual seminars in Parliament on current topics, into which internationally known experts are invited as speakers. MPs, decision-makers and representatives of NGOs and the media are invited to participate in the seminars. The All-Party Group strives to influence decisions concerning development policy in Finland as well as in the European Union. The members of the Group participate in study tours to developing countries and to Finland’s near neighbouring areas. During these studytours the participants get acquainted with the state of sexual and reproductive health and rights in these countries.

The Finnish Parliamentary All-Party Group on Sexual Rights and Development is a member of the Inter-European Parliamentary Forum on Population and Development, which is the coordinating network of the corresponding groups in parliaments of different European countries.

To find out more about the Group’s activities, please contact:
Ms. Elina Korhonen, Secretary of the Group
tel. +358 50 514 8827 or