Advocating for the requisites of a good life

By furthering human rights we advocate for the requisites of a good life. The Family Federation of Finland advocates for equality, prevention of discrimination, gender equality, children's rights, sexual health and rights as well as the improvement of cultural and linguistic rights. We produce data to support decision-making and take into consideration prevention of inequality in all our work.

All families, adults, children and youths should have an opportunity to live their own lives in a safe and well-rounded way. We advocate for a community that is child and family-friendly and values the diversity of individuals and families. Together with our member organisations and other participants, the Federation works to deliver this message to national and international decision-makers, the media and citizens.

The Family Federation of Finland performs its own research and acts as a leading national provider of information in couple relationships, sexuality and family formation as well as population development. Data based on research in the social affairs and health field help to refine the results of research and development work into functional practices. In addition to benefiting the research organisation, results benefit experts, organisations, companies and national and international decision-makers. The Federation utilises new channels offered by digitalisation to gather research data and popularise the data studied.