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Population Research Institute

The Population Research Institute studies family formation and fertility, sexual health and behaviour, and immigration. We focus on Finland and Finnish family policies, but also study the European and global context.

The Institute provides information for the media, adult education, academic communities, students and health care professionals as well as for Väestöliitto's own activity and advocacy work.

The Institute publishes research reports, working papers and the Finnish Yearbook of Population Research. Our latest publications are found on the Publications page. The publications are on sale at Väestöliitto's online shop.

Street address: Kalevankatu 16 B 1 (inner yard), 1st floor, 00100 Helsinki

The Institute also houses a library: Kalevankatu 16 B 1 (inner yard), basement.



Call for Articles 2020 - Finnish Yearbook of Population Research

We invite you to contribute to the 2020 volume of the Finnish Yearbook of Population Research, special issue on social inequality

Population Research Institute is a new partner of Population Europe

The Population Research Institute of Family Federation of Finland is a fresh member of the Population Europe network.

The future population of the Arctic

The Finnish Yearbook of Population Research Vol. 53 (2018) has been published.

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