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Ph.D., Docent (University of Helsinki)

Family sociology,  childbearing, parenting, grandparenting, siblings, friendship, "baby fever", evolutionary theory.


Principal Investigator of Linked Lives over the Life Course: A Dyadic Approach to Social Development, Academy of Finland MIND programme (570 521 €).

Director of Finland’s contribution to FamiliesAndSocieties – Changing families and sustainable societies: Policy contexts and diversity over the life course and across generations EU collaborative project SSH.2012.3.2.1: Families in transitions (152 260 € for Finland).

Principal Investigator of Precarious family formation. Youth and population dynamics in three world regions, financed by Kone Foundation (252 500 €).

Principal Investigator of The Fraternity Friendship Study, a longitudinal study of friendship and group formation among young adults

Principal Investigator of  GENTRANS – Baby boomers’ generational transmissions in Finland, Academy of Finland.

Director,  Population Research Institute, Väestöliitto 2010- (current position), Visiting scholar, Oxford Center for Population Research, academic year 10-11,Special researcher, The Population Research Institute 2007-2009, Researcher and lecturer in the University of Helsinki 1995-2006 at the Department of Social Policy, the Christina Institute for Women’s Studies and the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies. Visiting scholar at the University of Minnesota 1998, and in CNRS, Paris 2003.

SELECTED PUBLICATIONS in English (see also Rotkirch homepage)

Tanskanen, A. O., Danielsbacka, M., Jokela, M., & Rotkirch, A. (2016). Sibling conflicts in full- and half-sibling households in the UK. Journal of Biosocial Science, 1-17.

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Borodzina, Temkina, Zdravomyslova and Rotkirch (2014) How to Use the Maternity Capital: Citizen Distrust of Russian Family PolicyEuropean Journal of Women’s Studies.Online July 22 (pdf: Using maternity capital Borozdina et al. prefinal)


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