Ph.D. (Psych.)

Leave of absence 1.9.18-
Fertility and childbearing, the psychology of family formation, Linked Lives -project
Linked Lives over the lifespan: A dyadic approach individual development
The social and psychological development of an individual does not happen in isolation. The idea of the Linked Lives project is to investigate individual development within dyads of significant others: parents and children, grandparents and grandchildren, siblings, and close friends. My research concentrates on examining the roles of genetic inheritance vs. environmental effects in the joined life histories of the individual members of a dyad. Research topics include fertility and timing of parenthood, family formation, as well as psychological wellbeing.
Reproductive behaviour in contemporary societies
My PhD-research examines the role of personality in fertility and timing of parenthood in contemporary Western developed societies. Personality has previously been shown to be associated with childbearing, and my work concentrates on questions of factors possibly effecting or causing this association.
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Berg, V., V. Lummaa, I. Rickard, K. Silventoinen, J. Kaprio and M. Jokela (submitted). Genetic associations between personality and reproduction in humans.
Berg, V., A. Rotkirch, V. Lummaa, M. Lahdenperä and M. Jokela (submitted). Personality and long-term reproductive success by the number of grandchildren