Improving boys' sexual education (BoyS –project)

The project examined secondary school boys' expectations, aspirations and experiences of sexuality and sexual education. The aim was to enhance and develop the effectiveness of teaching boys, taking into account the gender-sensitivity, sexual diversity and multi-cultural factors.
The aim of the BoyS research project was to:

• improve primary school boys’ sexual health information
• promote their sexual well-being
• map the specific needs of multicultural boys
The project collected data directly from the boys themselves. The material was gathered through interviews, writing tasks and a questionnaire.
The phone calls made by boys and young men to Help Phone for Boys (Poikien Puhelin) were also used as material. Family Federation of Finland has a database where all the calls made to Help Phone for Boys are described in detail. Also the questions sent to our question-and-answer web service were used as research material. The research report was released in autumn 2012.
More information:
Research Professor, emeritus Osmo Kontula,