FINSEX-research project has followed up already for decades the evolution in sexual issues among the general population in Finland. Special interest in this monitoring has focused on sexual attitudes, sexual desires, sexual behaviors, sexual problems and sexual pleasures. There are more than 30 indicators that have been followed up. Some of indicators that are related to experiences in youth can be monitored as long as 50 years. The latest nationwide sex survey was conducted in 2015. Reporting of this data is ongoing. The latest results of FINSEX study have been published in 2016.

National FINSEX-sex surveys of sexual issues in Finland:



Age group

Number of

Response rate

1971Sievers, Koskelainen, Leppo18-54 -vuotiaat2 15291,4
1992Kontula, Haavio-Mannila18-74 -vuotiaat2 25075,9
1999Kontula, Haavio-Mannila18-81 -vuotiaat1 49645,8
2007Kontula18-74 -vuotiaat259043,4
2015Kontula18-79 -vuotiaat215036,0

FINSEX research project has studied also sexual autobiographies (sexual life stories) and published several books based on that material. The information of sexual issues collected in Finland has been compared to data sets and studies conducted in other European countries. In the previous round of reporting results were compared to Sweden, Estonia and St. Petersburg, and in the last round to nine other European countries.


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