The purpose of the Family Federation’s Sexual Health Clinic is to promote sexual health.

Sexual health and well-being are components of a good quality of life. The clinic’s activities are aimed at supporting the positive and responsible sexual development and growth of the individual. The Sexual Health Clinic develops and provides services related to sexual health. It also conducts research, educates the public and participates in international cooperation.

Our activities focus on promoting the sexual health and rights of people, counseling and supporting relationships. The clinic’s aim is to impact the field of sexual health so that a sufficient amount of good services would be available, in both prevention as well as health education.

Sexual health clinic follows IPPF's quality of care standards and criteria:

To promote quality of care, in 1992 IPPF developed the Charter on Rights of the Client that portrays quality of care from the client's perspective; it includes the rights to information, access to services, safety, privacy and confidentiality, dignity and comfort, continuity of services.