Ilsa Lottes and Osmo Kontula

Sexual Health from Macro and Micro Perspectives
1. New Perspectives on Sexual Health, Ilsa Lottes
2. Macro Determinants of Sexual Health, Ilsa Lottes
3. Sexual Health Promotion on the Individual Level,Osmo Kontula

Sexual Health Services
4. Highlights of Reproductive Health in Finland, Marjukka Mäkelä and Ilsa Lottes
5. Family Planning Services, Elise Kosunen
6. Sexual Medicine in Finland, Jukka Virtanen
7. Väestöliitto and Sexual Health, Pia Brandt, Raisa Cacciatore, Marketta Ritamies, Dan Apter
8. The SEXPO Foundation Promotes Sexual Health, Tuisku Ilmonen
9. SETA: Finnish Gay and Lesbian Movement’s Fight for Sexual and Human Rights, Olli Stålström and Jussi Nissinen
10. Sex Therapy in Finland, Sirpa Tukiainen and Pentti Soramäki
11. Sexual Violence in Finland: Legislation, Prevalence, Public Discussion, and Services, Riitta Raijas
12. Treatment Services for Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Eija Hiltunen-Back and Annamari Ranki

Sources of Sexual Health Information

13. Measures of the Central Health Care Administration to Promote Sexual Health from the 1970’s to the 1990’s, Tuulikki Nurmi
14. STAKES - Projects on Family Planning, Maija Ritamo and Sari Kautto
15. Sex Education in the School, Seija O. Lähdesmäki and Heidi Peltonen
16. Sexual Health and the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland, Martti Esko
17. Sex Education in Finland, Arja Liinamo
18. The Media as Sex Educator, Osmo Kontula
19. Sexological Teaching at the Jyväskylä Polytechnic, Sirpa Valkama and Kari Kaimola

Sexual Health of Specific Population Groups

20. Sexual Health of Children, Raisa Cacciatore
21. Adolescent Sexual Health, Elise Kosunen
22. Non-Heterosexual and Transgendered People in Finland, Jukka Lehtonen
23. The Sexual Health of Disabled Persons, Kaija Karkaus-Rikberg
24. The Sexual Health of Aging People, Pirkko Kiviluoto


25. The State of Sexual Health in Finland: A Summary, Ilsa Lottes and Osmo Kontula