FINNUNION dataset is a 11-percent sample of the resident population in Finland in 1970-2010, created by Statistics Finland. It comprises records of 471.671 individuals (240.964 males and 230.707 females), born in 1930-1990. Data do not include foreign-born persons.

Longitudinal dataset includes dates of demographic events (marriages, divorces, births of children, emigrations, immigrations, death) of the index person, as well as of his/her partner(s), between ~1945-2009, drawn from the population registers.

Unions include marital unions 1945-2009 (divorces only ~1970-2009), and consensual unions and their separations 1987-2009; thus the data cover complete union histories of the index persons since 1987, including also symmetrical data (only marital unions) of his/her partner(s).

Besides demographic information, dataset includes several indicators of the socioeconomic position of the index person and his/her partner(s): educational attainment and the date(s) of obtaining educational degree(s), own SES, parental SES, and income (since 1987).

Permission no. TK53-271-12 (Statistics Finland)