The Family-Friendly Workplace

Family-friendly practices at the workplace consist of attitudes and actions.
Employees who take care of family members can be:
  • parents or becoming-parents
  • those who take care of their spouse or another member of their family.
Family-friendliness at work is practiced in:
  • Recruitment situation
  • Families with children: pregnancy; parents with small children; parents with school-aged children
  • Families in crises: illness of child, spouse or close relative; death of a close relative; infertility treatments
  • Other life situations that demand functional practices in reconciling work and family life.
The responsibility of functioning family-friendly practices is shared with both employers and employees.
Laws and collective agreements alone are not enough to guarantee a family-friendly workplace. More detailed instructions and specific rules are often needed at the workplace.
Alongside instructions and individual solutions there is a need for balance and fairness in the treatment of all personnel.
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