Family-friendliness includes:

- selection of arrangements regarding work and working hours: flexibility, agreeing on work shifts,  telecommuting etc.

- opportunity to take parental leave and return back from the leave without problems

- opportunity to work part-time

- situation-bound flexibility

Family-friendly decisions and practices of the workplace are central in creating family-friendly working culture. Much preparedness both on the part of the employer and the managers is essential to make the workplace family-friendly.

The guidelines of workplace can be written to include working conditions, incentives and other benefits for employees of different ages. Flexibility might be needed in cases of sudden absence or longer time offs due to the family reasons.

A family-friendly working culture entails:

- laws and collective agreements supporting balance between work and family life

- fair rules and instructions at workplace

- good practices in the work community

- functioning services: day care, afternoon care for younger school children etc.

- attitudes towards reconciling family life and work in different stages of life.