New practical tools for workplaces

Väestöliitto together with its project partners has developed and tested new practical tools and activities to support family-friendly workplaces:

 1.   Personnel survey

The survey Balancing work and family life is aimed at employees and managers, to make developing family-friendliness at the workplace as simple and accessible as possible. Based on the results of the follow-up survey, it is possible to attain information about changes in the employees' and managers' satisfaction when it comes to reconciling work and family life, as well as how much progress has been made towards family-friendliness at the workplace/unit since the initial survey. The results of the follow-up survey indicate the needs for improvement and point out the topics already functioning well at the workplace.

2.   Website: The Family-friendly Workplace (in Finnish)

The website The Family-friendly Workplace is a comprehensive collection of information about reconciling work and family life in Finland, as well as about desirable personnel policy for various family situations and stages of life.

The website presents:

  • information
  • tips and practical examples of implementing family-friendliness at the workplace
  • Finnish legislation
  • connections to collective agreements

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3.   Training for managers: Reconciling work and family life in real-life situations

Workshops and training for managers offer new tools and help in creating balance between work and family life at the workplace.

The workshops deal with:

  • operational environment of the workplace and problems
  • goals for improvement
  • new ideas originating in practical needs. 

Support for effective workshops can be found in the results of personnel survey Balancing work and family life and on the website The Family-friendly Workplace.