European solutions to asylum policies and immigration: Finland’s role -panel discussion


Sat 31.8. at 10:30–12:00, Main Library's Studio-room (Linnankatu 2, Turku)

Public discussion on immigration policies is heated. The two extremes - “close the borders” and “let everyone in” - are presented as the only options. Yet, there remains a wide scope of different political solutions for the two major migration issues, those of asylum system and labor migration.

What challenges does the EU asylum system face? What policies are for immigration and integration there in EU and its member states, and what Finland could learn from them? What is decided in the EU-level and what nationally? How do Europeans view these policies, and what is Finland’s role in shaping the policies as the EU presidency begins?

These questions are addressed in the panel discussion European solutions to asylum policies and immigration: Finland’s role where research and expert knowledge meet the public opinion. The expert panelists will be professor Matthias Lücke from the Kiel Institute for the World Economy, Germany, who heads the pan-European research alliance MEDAM on refugee protection and immigration (, research associate Anne-Marie Jeannet from European University Institute, visiting specialist Anna-Kaisa Hiltunen from Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, and chief economist Mauri Kotamäki form Finnish Chambers of Commerce. Krista Taubert, the Head of World News and Current Affairs from Yle from the Finnish Broadcasting Company will moderate the panel. Welcome!

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