Recognizing International Talent (ESF)

Finland needs more skilled labour force and those internationals living here need more possibilities to get recruited in their own professional field. An open, inclusive and diverse society creates more well-being and attracts more talents to come in the future.

Talent attraction is strongly supported by talent retention and better acknowledgement of highly educated immigrants already living in Finland. The aim of Recognizing International Talent initiative is to improve the recognition of education and skills of internationally educated professionals and enhance their employability in Finland.

Väestöliitto started in 2020 its first Recognizing International Talent Advisory Work Group to create ways to collaborate with  those employers who want to improve their Diversity and Inclusion skills and recognize more international talents in their recruitment process.

The Advisory Work Group includes representatives of different companies and organizations working with questions related to recruitment, marketing, HR and work culture and it aims to bring more language awareness and openness to diversity in organizations widely across Finland.

Recognizing International Talent -badge is for companies who want to develop

1. language awareness in their company and recruitment process
2. tools to recognize the career and education paths of international talents
3. inclusion and diversity in the company


The collaboration includes

1. DEI-tools (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion)
Company chooses DEI-tools together with Väestöliitto
2. Focusing on company needs
The tools focus on language awareness, recruitment and work culture
3. Seeing is believing
Unconscious bias needs to be addressed
4. Monitoring the change
Measuring impacts of the chosen DEI-tools

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Recognizing International Talent / Tunnista kansainvälinen osaaja is funded by the European Social Fund (2020-2022).