Generations and Gender Survey

Generations and Gender Programme (GGP) is an international research infrastructure for the study of populations and family relations.

The program is based on Generations and Gender Survey (GGS) that includes questions about reproductive health, birth rates, family relations and family planning. 

Finland joined GGP in 2020. The GGS data collection is funded by Alli Paasikivi Foundation and the Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland. GGS Finland will consist of a web survey and linkage to register data. The sample is comprised of Finns aged 18 to 55. 

More information

Venla Berg, Director of research

GGS Advisor Group

Anna Rotkirch, Väestöliitto, the Family Federation of Finland 
Anneli Miettinen, Kela, the Social Insurance Institution of Finland
Antti Tanskanen, University of Helsinki 
Jan SaarelaÅbo Akademi University 
Jessica Nisen, The Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research (MPIDR)
Karri SilventoinenUniversity of Helsinki 
Kateryna SavelievaUniversity of Helsinki 
Markus Jokela, University of Helsinki 
Mika Gissler, THL, the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare 
Mirkka Danielsbacka, Väestöliitto, the Family Federation of Finland 
Tiina Helamaa, Väestöliittothe Family Federation of Finland 
Venla Berg, Väestöliittothe Family Federation of Finland