Realising sexual rights

Members of our staff on Pride 2019.

Sexual rights are human rights. Realising sexual rights is central to humans’ well-being and balanced life.

The Family Federation of Finland wants all people to have equal sexual rights and strives to ensure that everyone can realise their own sexuality. We want everyone to have equal opportunities to realise their sexuality in a safe and pleasurable manner.

Sexuality is an essential and valuable part of humanity that evolves throughout a person’s life. Sexual rights refer to an individual’s rights to make conscious and responsible decisions on matters related to their own sexuality.

We demand the reinforcement of the sexual rights of young people and people in vulnerable positions, in particular. We monitor and promote their realisation in Finland, in the European Union and globally through development cooperation. No one’s sexual rights should be undermined, and sexual harassment and violence must be cut down notably. The realisation of sexual rights meets more and more resistance at a global level. Various groups attempt to especially undermine people’s right to make decisions concerning their number of children and their relationships. We are the counterforce to this movement.

In Finland, we aim to reinforce sexual rights by influencing the contents of legislation related to transgender people and the reform of abortion legislation as well as by facilitating discussions around surrogacy. We also work to extend the free-of-charge birth control of young people to apply to all Finnish municipalities. One other goal for us is that menstrual pains would be taken into account more easily and carefully in girls’ health care.