The Family-Friendly Workplace Certificate

A parent and a child holding hands and wearing autumn clothes.

The Family-Friendly Workplace Program proceeds in stages and it supports the goal-oriented development of family-friendly practices. Finally, Väestöliitto evaluates whether the organisation meets the criteria of family-friendliness.

The Family-Friendly Workplace Program supports employers in receiving the certificate. Participation in the program is subject to a fee.

The program features various stages during up to three years:

  • initial review: compiling data and documents concerning the organisation’s current level of family-friendliness
  • implementing a staff survey: conducted as a part of the initial review
  • development plan: compiled based on the initial review
  • total assessment: implemented at the end of the program.

Evidence of family-friendliness is collected comprehensively from the organisation both at the level of attitudes and actions. Evidence of family-friendliness includes such factors as:

  • commendable results in the family-friendliness survey among the entire personnel
  • updated, legislated equality and parity plan required from companies employing 30 people or more
  • other documents, personnel key figures and indicators that can prove the level of family-friendliness.

The certification is valid three years at a time. Väestöliitto has trademark protection® for the Family-Friendly Workplace Certificate.

The certified organisation must pay annual fee to the Family Federation of Finland as well as report their family-friendliness and progression.