Young couple with their baby.

Our work consists of counseling and information services to clients, research, and advocacy. Services are responsively designed to respond to the emerging needs of citizens that we observe and analyse in the feedback from clients, in research, and in the media and social media coverage.


The services and data content meant for citizens can be found on our Hyvä kysymys online service. We have produced the service and we admin it. Over 40 Finnish non-profit organisations are taking part in it.

The online service has information for young people, adults, seniors, couples, and families. The topics in the online service are

  • Everyday life
  • Well-being and health
  • Relationships
  • Crises
  • Multiculturality
  • Young lives
  • Relationships
  • Intoxicants and addiction
  • Sexuality
  • And parenthood

The online service has articles, exercises and tests, different kinds of group discussions and chats, lectures, courses, podcasts, and videos.


The uniqueness of our organisation is built on our own research by the Population Research Institute. It was founded already in 1946. The main focus of the research is the Finnish population structure and well-being. We also study natality, relationships, well-being in families, and senescence and generational relationships in families. We coordinate SHARE Suomi-study that is part of European Research Infrastructure as well as Generations and Gender Survey study in Finland.


We promote family-friendly policies, sustainable population policies, and sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) in Finland, Europe, and globally. All of our advocacy aims to further the UN’s goals for sustainable development.

The goal of advocacy is to improve human rights as well as the well-being, health and equality of children, young people, and families. We influence the preparation of matters, decision-making, and general opinions. We work alone and in cooperation with different networks when we aim to affect people’s lives and improve their well-being.