Sustainable population development

Grup of people standing ahead of sunset.

We support population policies that aim to promote national well-being, ecological sustainability and global responsibility.

A major population change is currently underway in Finland. The birth rate has been decreasing for the past ten years and has fallen at a low level even on a European scale. At the same time, however, the life expectancy has been growing at an even pace. The economic structures have not fully adjusted to the aging of population, which is due to the decreasing size of young generations and the growing number of senior citizens. Migration is also going through a major change: international migration and its impacts on Finland are and will be significant. Internal migration in Finland is targeted at the largest cities.

A modern and democratic population policy leans on participatory decision-making, human rights and scientific evidence. In addition to the number, age and gender of the people living in the country, the education, skills, health, agency and interpersonal relationships are all significant factors.

Population policies comprise discussion, decision-making and measures of the values, goals and means that are related to the population number and structure. The basis of our population policy are human rights, and our special focus is on sexual rights and the importance of close relationships.

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