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Finland is a multicultural country where people immigrate to and emigrate from, for reasons related to work, family, study, or shelter. It is becoming more and more common to have residence in several countries at the same time, as an increasing amount of people have family members with transnational ties. Society must accommodate multilingualism and cultural diversity. When we speak about immigrant integration, we refer to a holistic process of settling in and becoming accepted as an active part of society. In Väestöliitto, we build humane and inclusive society.

Väestöliitto supports family-centered immigrant integration and labour market inclusion. Since 2003 Väestöliitto has trained thousands of professionals and supported immigrants on the topics of integration and parenthood.

Our activities include counselling in parenting and family issues, enhancing labour market inclusion through Womento career mentoring for highly educated migrant women and by developing new working methods for recognizing international talent, training and materials for immigrant integration, for example on sexual rights, and cooperation and advocacy together with other organisations, companies, municipalities and public authorities. Our work is founded on research and human rights-based values.

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