Services for immigrants

For questions and queries related to public authorities and services we ask you to contact Migri or your municipality’s Immigrant services (for example in Helsinki).

Counselling in family matters
You can receive advice over the phone between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. If the counsellor cannot pick up your call, please leave a message. She or he will call you back.

In Finnish, Russian, English – Anita Novitsky
tel. 050 325 7173

In Finnish, kurdish (sorani), dari, persian – Mina Zandkarimi
tel. 050 325 6450

Chats meant for parents of small children may be helpful, if you can type chat in Finnish or English. Links to various types of services are below.

Career mentoring

Womento career mentoring for educated migrant women starts twice a year. The application periods are in february and august. Apply here.

Please contact us for more information on mentoring by email or by phone.

Finnish, English, French – Pilvi Aro-Marques
puh. 040 665 0779 etunimi.sukunimi(at)

Finnish, Kurdish (Sorani), Dari, Persian  - Mina Zandkarimi
puh. 050 325 6450 etunimi.sukunimi(at)

Our experts can provide training and courses on demand for other NGOs and in a more limited manner to public authorities and professionals. Topics of training could be for example family and immigrant integration, international careers and mentoring, sexuality education, sexual rights, equality. In the Professionals section you can find useful sets of materials.