The future population of the Arctic


The Finnish Yearbook of Population Research Vol. 53 (2018) has been published.

A recent study published in the Finnish Yearbook of Population Research explores the future population and educational dynamics in the arctic from 2015 to 2050. The Arctic region covers over 10% of the planet’s total land area but is one of the least populated areas due to remoteness and rough climate. The eight Arctic countries are Russia, Canada, Denmark, the United States, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and Finland.

In the article, researcher Anastasia Emelyanova models the future changes in the age, sex, and educational structure of sub-national populations, the latter reflecting the regional human capital. The projections are based on three alternative scenarios and take into account regional characteristics; “Medium development”, “Arctic Boost”, and “Arctic Dip”.

Based on all scenario variations, results show that, following many decades of intense growth, the population in the Arctic will likely remain in the status-quo and there are no major changes foreseen.

The 53rd Volume of the Finnish Yearbook of Population Research also features a literature review on childlessness and social support in old age. The review shows that, while children are an important source of help and support for their parents in old age, childlessness does not necessarily decrease social well-being.

The Yearbook also studies how all-cause mortality at ages 65–70 relates to different labour market positions at ages 50–64. The Finnish Migrant Health and Wellbeing Study examines obesity among populations of Russian, Somali and Kurdish origin living in Finland, and shares experiences on how to enhance the survey participation among foreign-born populations. In addition, the Yearbook compares serial migrants and one-time migrants and contains a book review of the recently published book Reciprocity in Human Societies by Kujala and Danielsbacka.


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Finnish Yearbook of Population Research, Volume 53 (2018)

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