Väestöliitto, The Family Federation of Finland works in the fields of social affairs and health. Väestöliitto was founded in 1941 and is composed of 35 member organizations. Väestöliitto has 65 employees. The Chair is Ms Maria Kaisa Aula, and the Managing Director is Ms Eija Koivuranta.


We provide to young people, boys, couples, parents, grandparents and immigrants information and services for their personal relationships. Our services are available by phone and online at hyvakysymys.fi.  Hyvä kysymys (Good Question) is a free online service that assists people to  find answers and solutions in difficult life stages in an effortless and anonymous manner. The online services include chats, provide peer support platform, articles, tests, courses, videos and podcasts. The content of the site is produced by the professionals and volunteers of Väestöliitto and its partners.


The purpose of Väestöliitto’s Population Research Institute is to study demographic trends, families and fertility, partnerships, ageing of the population, relationships between generations of families and the impacts of digitalisation on family relations.

Every month, we an excerpt of a specific study conducted by us. We also publish an annual Family Barometer survey, the Finnish Yearbook of Population Research as well as various working papers and study reports.


In our advocacy work we aim to influence major decision-makers and the general public directly. Currently, the most important themes of our advocacy include: fertility and sustainable population growth, equality and well-being of children, young people and families as well as the enforcement of sexual and reproductive health and rights in Finland and in the global community.
Our methods of advocacy are e.g. issuing statements, being actively involved in networks and working groups, meeting decision-makers and rapporteurs, presenting our issues in elections and monitoring the fulfilment and inclusion of issues in the Government Programme. Through media and Väestöliitto’s own website, projects, campaigns and online services, we aim to make information and research available to everyone and to influence people’s attitudes and behaviour.
The main objective of our international activities is promotion of sexual and reproductive health and rights, and we also support the rights of the most vulnerable people through development cooperation projects, global education and European and global advocacy work.

For who and which issues?

We aim to improve the well-being of children and young people, diverse families and couples, individuals and the entire population.
Important aspects to us include family formation and having children, life management skills and the sexual health of young people, special needs of boys, interpersonal skills of people in various stages of their lifes, the integration of immigrant families and supporting their employment, the coordination of occupational and family life and the family-friendly working culture, sexual rights and sustainable development both nationally and globally.