Väestöliitto is a health and social field organization focusing on families.  The Federation’s activities can be divided into the services it provides, advocacy work and research.  Together they form the foundation of the Federation’s expertise.

The services provided by the Federation are targeted at families and their members. Services are available for very young children, for young people and for the adults in the family. Our aim in providing these services is to support the formation of families and the health and well-being of the members of these families.

Advocacy work is carried out concerning family, population, sexual health and development cooperation policy. This activity aims at influencing legislation and decision-makers in these fields in order to create a more child- and family-friendly society. Part of this advocacy work focuses also on public opinion. Impacting the media is an important part of the Federation’s activities.

Väestöliitto carries out research. This research creates a solid basis for the Federation’s expertise. The services we produce and the advocacy work we carry out are based on scientific knowledge concerning the family, the population, sexology and medicine.