Advocacy is a significant part of the work carried out by Väestöliitto. In practice this means that the Federation strives to have an impact on decision-making and on public opinion regarding issues it considers important.

The goal of Väestöliitto’s advocacy work is for the Finnish society to be more child-friendly and family-friendly than it is now.  One of the factors this requires is legislation that will support the formation of families and having children as well as the reconciliation of work and family.

Finnish society have to respond to the challenges of balanced population development. Väestöliitto expects the Finnish government to provide family policy measures and to promote work-based immigration.

A significant means of bringing about the drafting of legislation and decision-making is to influence the attitudes of the general public. We want to give a more visible role in the public arena to the importance of families and homes and to directing resources for the well-being and resilience of families. At the Federation advocacy and dissemination of information are closely interrelated.

Advocacy work is carried out in the Federation’s key fields,  that is in family, population and sexual policy and in development cooperation policy.