Multicultural Activities:

The Family Federation’s Centre for Multicultural Expertise works on  psychosocial issues concerning immigrants' family life, childrearing and parenthood and more generally on immigrant integration and inclusive society.

Aims and activities:

The Centre for Multicultural Expertise supports immigrants and professionals working with immigrants and ethnic minorities from a family centred perspective. We provide information and counselling services to immigrants, cosultation to service providers and lobby for immgrant-friendly policies in social services, health and education.

When moving to a new country, the significance of the family often increases as the rest of the social network changes. Family relationships support adjustment and integration to the new situation. Sometimes adapting to a new society challenges intergenerational and couple relationships. Questions on how to raise one’s children in the new country of residence can also cause confusion and uncertainty. Our aim is to support families and help them to live full life in the transitional period.

More information on the Multicultural Centre's activities and services can be found in here