Consultation and Advice by Telephone:

You can call us, anonymously if you wish, when you want to talk and get help or advice on issues related to childrearing, relationships in the family, or employment and education. There is no extra charge for phone calls.

Our special areas of expertise are psychosocial issues of immigration, especially childrearing and family life, and our familiarity with the Kurdish (Sorani), Dari, Persian (Farsi), Russian, Latvian and Somali speaking populations.

For a consultation, please call (at no extra charge):

On family-related issues and social services: Anita Novitsky (09) 2280 5141, 050 325 7173 (in Finnish, Russian and English) Mina Zandkarimi 050 325 6450 (in Finnish, Kurdish (Sorani), Dari and Farsi)
On employment and labour market issues: Gunta Ahlfors (09) 2280 5175 (in Finnish, Latvian, Russian); Paula Mattila 040 521 0949 (in Finnish, English)


You may also contact us by email for advice or to get help with issues related to childrearing or relationships in the family. You may write in Finnish, Kurdish (Sorani), Dari, Persian (Farsi), Russian, Somali, English or Swedish and you will receive an answer within three days in that language.

Peer Groups for Parents:

The Centre for Multicultural Expertise has developed a group discussion model for multicultural parents of small children. The purposes of these groups are to support parenthood, create peer support and encourage fathers to participate in childrearing.  Groups can be arranged in Finnish, Kurdish (Sorani), Dari, Persian (Farsi), Somali, Russian or English.

Themes discussed in the groups include:

  • the immigration experience and changing parenthood

  • interacting with one’s child and bringing up children in Finland

  • bilingualism and supporting a child’s schooling

  • how fathers can participate in family life

  • changes in family relationships arising with immigration

  • the local support networks in neighbourhoods

  • Discussions are arranged together with immigrant associations, organizations and public authorities.

Please call to hear more. You may also make suggestions and give us ideas for themes: kotipuu(at) or by phone (09) 2280 5141 or (09) 2280 5145.