Poikien Puhelin (Boys’ Phone) is a helpline service for boys and young men under 20. The calls are answered by a male professional of the Family Federation of Finland, familiar with matters that might come across during puberty and adolescence among boys and young men. The low-threshold and anonymous helpline is available on the toll-free number 0800 94884 and via chat on the website on all weekday afternoons.


The service can be approached with all kinds of matters, but among the most popular ones are issues related to puberty and health, sexuality and relationships – both intimate ones and those between friends and family members. In 2018, Poikien Puhelin had almost 14500 conversations on the phone and chat.


The Poikien Puhelin YouTube channel  has also become a popular source of information. New videos are released weekly, addressing matters that are frequently brought up in the helpline services. The videos are in Finnish but subtitled also in Swedish and English. You can also find us on Instagram @poikienpuhelin, and our live streams on the Poikien Puhelin Twitch channel, Wednesdays from 4 pm to 7pm.


Established in 2007, the service is foremostly funded by the Funding Centre for Social Welfare and Health Organizations (STEA).



Contact information:


Anders Huldén, Service Manager

+358 40 669 5019
Kalevankatu 16, PL 849, 00101 Helsinki