The Family-Friendly Workplace Program

The Family-friendly workplace programme supports the goal-oriented development of family friendly practices

The Family-Friendly Workplace Program by the Family Federation of Finland will support employers in receiving the label. Participation in the program is subject to a charge.

The program features various stages:

  • initial review: compiling data and documents concerning the organisation’s current level of family-friendliness
  • implementing a staff survey: conducted as a part of the initial review
  • development plan: compiled based on the initial review
  • total assessment: implemented at the end of the program

Sections of family-friendliness

Evidence of the realisation of family-friendliness is collected comprehensively from the organisation, both at the level of attitudes and actions. Evidence of family-friendliness include such factors as

  • good results from the family-friendliness survey among the entire personnel
  • updated, legislated equality and parity plan required from companies employing 30 people
  • other documents, personnel key figures and indicators that can prove the realisation of family-friendliness

Sections of family-friendliness are:

  1. Values and attitudes
  2. Work itself, working hours and flexitime
  3. Long leaves due to family reasons, the different stages and situations of a life cycle
  4. Instructions and code of conduct
  5. Experiences of the actions of management/supervisors
  6. The supervisor’s perspective
  7. Experience of balance and the view of the employer’s family-friendliness.

The Family-friendly workplace label has been granted to

The Family Federation of Finland has granted the Family-friendly workplace label to more than 10 employers (updated on 30 June 2020).

  • Barnavårdsföreningen i Finland f.
  • DNA Oyj
  • Hydac Oy
  • Lastensuojelun Keskusliitto
  • Luotolan Nuoret ry
  • Mannerheimin Lastensuojeluliitto
  • Miessakit ry
  • Profiam Sosiaalipalvelut Oy
  • Suomen Uusperheiden Liitto ry
  • Suomen Vanhempainliitto ry
  • Tutoris Oy