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Fatherhood and wage inequality

New open access article out now. The study investigates whether and how fatherhood shapes the wage distribution in Britain, Finland, and Germany.

Call for Articles: Finnish Yearbook of Population Research

The Finnish Yearbook of Population Research is a peer reviewed, open access journal published by the Population Research Institute of the Family Federation of Finland (Väestöliitto) in collaboration with The Finnish Demographic Society and The Migration Institute of Finland.

The book Sexual Mind available online

Osmo Kontula’s book Sexual mind - Exploring the origins of arousal is now available online in English. The book is about origins of desire and arousal, that are hidden in the mind.

Population policies for the 21st century – Finland as a case example

Väestöliitto’s population policy report, Sustainable Population Development in Finland, is now available in English. The report presents ten population policy goals for Finland, such as achieving ecologically sustainable population development and developing ethical and humane incentives to...