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Youth community center


Väestöliitto has improved youth friendly sexual health services in Nepal from 2002 together with Family Planning Association of Nepal. Focus has been in recognizing the special needs of girls and young women. Much attention has been paid to improve sexual health knowledge of adolescents and their empowerement through constant training. As peer volunteers they have provided information about sexual health, and also small scale health services through Multi Purpose Resource Centers created by Väestöliitto's project.


From 2011 Väestöliitto has cooperated with WWF Finland in a project which combines in a new way the crucial elements of both organizations: improving sexual health and sustainable management of natural resources. 


Local communities in Nepal's Terai area are provided with for example sexual health information and services, environmental conservation training and new sources of livelihood through micro credits. The project reduces the burden of growing population to Terai's forests by installing biogas stoves. Members of local communities are actively involved in project's implementation.


This project is funded by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, and jointly implemented by Family Planning Association of Nepal (FPAN) and WWF Nepal.  


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Adviser on Development Cooperation
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