Summary of Demographic Trends and Policy Implications Presented in the National Reports

The study is a comprehensive analysis of population related policies which builds on but also extends beyond the area of publicly funded family policies and addresses also within family strategies. It addresses practices and aspirations of men and women regarding family life in ageing societies and the perception of life chances regarding paid work in an increasingly more competitive and demanding labour market. It takes into account both the viewpoint of citizens and policy actors regarding the management of population related changes, caring functions of families and mediating role of the welfare state.

The Work package 4 (later: WP4) ‘Population Related Policies and General Attitudes’ was carried out at Population Research Institute (Helsinki, Finland). The objective of the WP4 was the identification of between-country similarities and differences in terms of demographic dynamics, recent social policy reforms and attitudes of men and women regarding general social policies and demographic developments on European level.

Julkaisun tiedot

Julkaisun tiedot
Julkaisija Väestöntutkimuslaitos, Väestöliitto (The Population Research Institute)
Kirjoittaja Ismo Söderling ja Elina Laitalainen
ISBN 951-9450-21-1
Sivumäärä 62


Ismo Söderling ja Elina Laitalainen